Autumn, winter, spring and summer dances and rituals

Nature is in a constant cycle: it emerges, buds, blooms, blossoms, withers, falls, fades, disappears, then emerges again and starts all over again. It heats up and cools down, fills with light, then fades into darkness, again and again.

All these changes have a permanent effect on our mood, our way of life, our state of mind, our emotions and our well-being.

Most of the time we don’t even notice it, because we are used to this cycle in our lives, sometimes suffering from the heat or the cold, depressed by the darkness and often longing for something different from what we have.

During the events of the dances and rituals of autumn, winter, spring and summer, we seek to tune into this cyclicality consciously, to understand it, to accept it and to turn it to our advantage.

Four times a year – at the autumn and spring equinoxes, and the winter and summer solstices – we gather, creating a celebratory space to honor this special occasion. We give ourselves and each other the gift of our attention, our silence, our touch. Through visualization, relaxation and massage, we connect with our current natural phase and stage of life. Using our movement, dance, low vibration instruments, our own voices, singing and other tools, we prepare and live a longer ritual based on symbolic gestures to help us close the previous life stage and become receptive and open to the next.