Private lessons

Private lessons are available in flamenco dance, female gypsy dances and flamenco singing. I can give private lessons in all three subjects online, or private lessons in flamenco dance in the classroom, or private lessons in female gypsy dances and flamenco singing in the classroom or at home.

I offer my private singing lessons to those who have a special fascination for flamenco singing and find my flamenco singing workshops, usually held every two months in Ljubljana, unavailable or insufficient for them.

I offer my private dance lessons to those who feel they prefer to learn on their own, can improve more easily, or are stuck and would like to catch up with a group.

In my private lessons, I work with one or two dancers or singers, depending on the need.

Hourly rate: 25€/60 minutes (and the room fee if I provide the room for the private lesson)

For regular private lessons with pre-payment, I can offer a better price for those interested.