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Duration: 4 September - 26 June







          Prices for Luna Gitana members:

          • Monthly pass for one course 45€

          • Monthly pass for two courses 70€

          • Monthly pass for three courses 85€

          Luna Gitana annual membership fee 15€


          Luna Gitana

          Neubergerjeva ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Szlovénia


          "The first time Maria arrives as a teacher, she inspires, motivates and makes you believe in yourself, makes you perform in a way you never thought you would. And the second time she's back, in addition to all the afore-mentioned, she's back as a friend."
          Hanna Madilainen
          "In Maria’s classes, one dances near the fire. She feels that her steps, her questions, her faith in her dance are fuelled by the warmth of some ancient fire - a bit like when we wander thirstily near a spring. She imparts her knowledge of movement, energy, flow and flamenco in her own suggestive, inspiring and highly experiential way. Her being and the methods she uses liberate, make you feel at ease, prepare you for dance tasks and situations that are sometimes technically or emotionally challenging. In the end, we leave the class with an experience that shapes our impressions of our dance, of flamenco, and enriches our view of it all. It is a rich and valuable experience somewhere near the fire."
          Petra Böröcz
          flamenco dancer and instructor, Hungary
          "When l first met Maria, I saw that she was different and special. She captivated me with her beauty, talent, passion and uniqueness. Her dance was a reflection of her. Classes with Maria are very creative, inspiring and full of her spirit and sensuality. She is demanding and supportive at the same time and knows how to direct and transfer knowledge. I'm happy to have her on my way."
          Ojdana Radović
          flamenco dancer and instructor, Serbia
          "Maria Keck is a fantastic pedagogue... Her pedagogy is nourished by her various experiences of a life dedicated to the art. Her flamenco classes are sources of creative inspiration and originality of her way of feeling the flamenco art. Her intelligence of movement allows her to translate the flamenco codes, so that she then invites us to play with them. Far from the dogmatic mysticism that certain protagonists of this art may defend, she opens a space for each student to find their own way, to explore with their body and the joy of sharing."
          Carolane Sanchez
          dancer, choreographer and researcher, France
          "During my years with flamenco, I learned most of the essence and "secrets" of the genre from Maria. Her knowledge is invaluable to me, as she is not only a dance teacher, but also a singer, a musician and a native speaker of flamenco. This allows her to show the relationship between dance and singing in her classes in a way that very few people in Spain do. She has developed a complex and unique teaching method that allows anyone, even a beginner, to experience the essence of flamenco: improvisation and communication between the participants."
          Eszter Nagy
          flamenco dancer and instructor, Hungary
          "Maria is a unique and different dancer. When I came to her classes, after a lot of searching and trying, I felt that I was in my place. Maria knows how to transmit flamenco from the natural and simple, making the difficult easy and guiding us on that journey that, from her approach, is done in a fun and natural way."
          Erika La Turka
          oriental and Gypsy dancer and dance instructor, Spain