Teo y la Mar

Teo y la Mar is a duo based partly on traditional and partly on original flamenco compositions. Its members, Teo Mandžuka (flamenco guitar) and Maria Keck (vocals, dance, cajón) bring the extreme emotional atmosphere of flamenco, the fiery, passionate or even painful, nostalgic songs, closer to the audience with modern lyrics and performance style.

The band was founded in 2022 in Ljubljana and since then they have performed at the Kavč Festival, Muzika na Starem trgu festival, Kavarna Slamič (Ljubljana), Layerjeva Hiša (Kranj), Lent and Platforma Festival (Maribor) in Slovenia, Liszt Institute (Zagreb), 12. Melodije s okusom mora u Dramlju festival (Dramalj), Ljetne Priredbe Krk festival (Krk), Gradska Radionica (Pula) in Croatia, Dombos fest (Mali Iđos) in Serbia and at Muzikum, B32 Gallery and Kultúrtér and Theater Spinóza (Budapest) in Hungary.

Teo y la Mar video: