Ex Auro

Ex Auro is a flamenco-world music fusion project based on the interaction between dance, piano and vocals, performed by Jorge Quesada (piano) and Maria Keck (vocals, dance). 

They perform ethnic songs in their own idiom: Indian, Turkish, Arabic, Sephardic, Gypsy, Peruvian, Argentinean, Slavic and other melodies blend with the dreamy, intense waves of jazz and the wild tension of flamenco rhythms and dance.

The project was created by Maria Keck in 2017 with pianist Tomaž Pačnik in Ljubljana. Their first album was released in 2019 with Kornél Mogyoró as guest musician on the NarRator label. Following Tomaž Pačnik’s departure, the duo continues their work with Barcelona pianist Jorge Quesada from 2022.

Ex Auro has played on many stages across Europe, including some of the most important ones:

Contemporary Music Festival Modoars/Skopje, Macedonia, Arts Valley Festival/Kapolcs, Fonó Budai Zeneház – record release, Spring Festival & Babel Festival/Budapest, Pajta Kult/Őriszentpéter, Hungary, Hungarian Cultural Institute/Ljubljana, Festival Borštnikovo srečanje/Maribor, Slovenia, National Theatre of Kikinda/Kikinda, Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre/Szabadka, Dombos Fest/Kishegyes, Serbia, Hungarian Cultural Institute, Flamenco Zagreb Festival, Festival of Tolerance /Zagreb, Croatia, Babel Nights/Tradiciunárius & Los Tarantos/Barcelona, EMMB Escola de Música Moderna de Badalona/Badalona, Spain, KulturRaum Neruda/Vienna, Austria, Café de la Danse/Paris, France

Ex Auro videos