Ethnómada is a collaboration between the Madrid-based trio Olivares (Julián Olivares – guitar, tres cubano, Yago Salorio – bass, Shango Dely – percussion) and Maria Keck (vocals, dance), who have created a group of songs with a unique sound, presenting the ethnic and gypsy music of Eastern Europe with Latin and flamenco influences.


The band was formed in Madrid in 2011 and since then has performed at numerous festivals and clubs, including:

Yemaya, Espacio Ronda, La Escalera de Jacob, Zanzíbar, Vaciador, Intruso, Café Barbieri, Café Berlin – record release/Madrid, Hacería/Bilbao, Babel Nights/Barcelona, Spain, Babel Sound Festival/Balatonlelle, Hungary

Ethnómada videos